Real Estate

Selling your home is an inherently stressful process, but there is an opportunity to alleviate some of the worry.  My goal is to make your home's first impression count by piquing the interest of potential buyers and agents. Dazzling photographs that feature only the best your house has to offer visually will help your listing to stand out in the sea of options and bring you one step closer to settlement. Your home deserves an artistic point of view to help bring it to life, allowing potential buyers to see it not just as a house, but as a beautiful home. 

Agents, you are not just getting 25 photographs to add to Trend, but a comprehensive effort to make sure you attract maximum views.  My staging skills, my professional equipment, and editing skills allow every image to shine.  Darker rooms will pop with light, furniture is rearranged to best highlight the space of a room, various clutter will be erased in post-editing.  Digital image delivery for most listings is less than 24-hours. The following add-on options are available on request: online slideshow, exclusive listing website, drone photography, and true High Dynamic Range (HDR) shots.